Toroidal Transformer

  Toroidal Transformer

Windmill / Solar & Energy Saver Application

These transformers are silent in operation, compact in size, less weight and are ideally suitable 24/7/365 operation due to very low no load losses.

Isolated (OW) type

• Capacity 50VA to 12 KVA
• Three Phase Assembly
• High Efficiency
Energy Saver Transformers Auto Type

• Capacity upto 30 KVA
• Three Phase Assembly
• Efficiency of 99% is possible in Energy Saver Application
Torroidal Transformers are gaining more and more acceptance due to its unique features and advantages. In fact, because of its low weight & height it is being increasingly preferred over theconventional E&I transformers. In certain applications, its low magnetic stray field & the low mechanical hum are the most advantageous features. The low no load losses of the Torroidal Transformer are of great value in 24 hours stand by equipment. This transformer being custom built proves very economical in large production batches. Dual out-put voltages can be provided if desired. It is also possible to have primary suitable for 115Vor 230V AC, 50Hz.
 A Thermal cut off can be incorporated as a special feature at an extra cost. Our manufacturing experience of number of years has given us extensive knowledge & insight in designing the Torrodial Transformer. We use high quality material inputs in order to maintain the quality. The INSULATION between the primary & secondary winding is a fundamental safety feature,and to ensure this we use only,BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) approved insulating material. Special attention is given to insulation resistance, Hi-pot test & creepage distances.


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