About Us

We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of variacs over the past two decades. Our valuable OE clients classify our product as 'top of the line'. 

The company is headed by Mr. Umesh Marathe, who is B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from I.I.T. Mumbai. His high degree of technical competence coupled with quality consciousness and years of manufacturing experience has built Radiotone's image as a supplier of high quality products. His insight has inspired him to design products to solve typical industry problems. Mr. Marathe has pioneered the design of Double layer variacs way back in 1979-1980 and is now very widely used by all servo stabilizer manufacturers. Over the last 25 years, it has saved a lot of valuable foreign exchange as this design reduced the import of copper and core substantially. He has successfully developed vertical Roller Contact Variac, both SL & DL, in various current capacities.

We have over 4000 sq.ft. of manufacturing facility with state of art German winding machines, and highly skilled manpower. We are currently exporting to Europe, USA and South Africa.

Mr. Umesh Marathe
Radio Electric Pvt. Ltd.
High Current Air Cooled Variauto
Oil Cooled Variauto
Double Wound Isolated Variable Transformer
Double Layer Variautos
Custom Made AC Power Source
Toroidal Transformer
Single Layer Variautos
Variable Inductors / Chokes
Variauto with Built in DC Motors
0 – 240V, 0.5 Amp, 0.75 Amp, 1.2 Amp Single Layer Variauto
Special Roller Carbon Brush Variauto
Three Phase Enclosed Variauto
Single Layer Roller Contact Vertical Variautos
Double Layer Roller Contact Vertical Variautos
Address : 394, Dr. Bhadkamkar Road, Lamington Chambers,
Mumbai - 400 004, Maharashtra, India
Tel : (022) 766671252
Mob :  + 91 9820033925
Factory : Unit No.2, Amarnath, Tungareshwar Industrial Completex No.1, Sativali, Vasai, Dist. Palghar - 401208
E-mail :
Visit Also : www.radioelectricindia.com
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